How to Assign Credit to Member(s)

The outline below will guide you through the steps for assigning credit to Members of your organization. When you assign credit using this method, the training records for the Members will be updated to reflect the newly assigned credit, just as if the member had completed the course through the system. 
  1. Navigate to the Course you want to assign credit for. 
  2. As an Admin, you should see a "Assign Course Credit" button below the title of the Course. Click this button to assign credit to your members.
  3. After clicking the "Roll Call Tracking" button, you'll be taken to a page that lists the members of your department. Select which members you want to assign credit to for the Course you're on, and click the "Submit" button at the bottom-right corner of the screen when you're done. 
  4. That's all! You can check Reports or Assignments and they should reflect the newly assigned credit for the members you selected. 


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