How to Generate Certificates

The easiest way to generate certificates that your members have earned is through the "Reports" page in the Admin dashboard. 

Simply set up the report as you normally would -- you can select a time period like a date range, and a report type such as specific members -- and then click the "Download Certificates" button in the bottom-left corner of the page. The certificates covered by the report request you specified will be downloaded to your computer as a .zip file.

If you selected a complex report such as a large period of time or several members, you may need to wait a substantial amount of time for the system to process your request and generate the .zip file. If you want to speed up the process or have trouble with the system timing out, you may want to try breaking up your large request into multiple smaller requests. For example, try requesting 3 months of records at a time instead of 1 year at a time, or try requesting half of your member records two times instead of all at once.


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