What are Active and Invited Members?

There are three types of Members whose records are associated with your organization:
  • When a member is added to your account, they're first listed as Invited Members. When you add a member or when you send us a list of members to bulk import, our system sends an email to them notifying them that they're been added to your subscription and must set up their account by choosing a password. Once they choose their password and log into their account, they'll become Active Members. If they never go through the process of choosing a password and logging in, they'll remain listed an Invited Member
  • Active Members are Members who have been added to your account and who have gone through the process of choosing a password and logging into the system to complete their profile.
Note:  if you deactivate a member, they will no longer show on your roster list and they will no longer have access to your plan.  If you change your mind, you can select to Add Member to re-activate their activity.

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