How Do I Add SOGs or SOPs?

To add SOGs or SOPs for your Members to review or so you can assign them to Members, use the SOG/SOP tool workflow. To add or create a new SOG or SOP for your Organization, navigate to the "SOG/SOP Manager" page via the top navigation menu.

If you're an Admin, you should have access to the "Create Course or SOG/SOP" button in the upper-right corner of the page. Select this button to add a new SOG/SOP.

On the SOG/SOP creation form, you have several options:
  • Use the Course Name field to give your SOG/SOP a name. This is required, as every SOG/SOP must have a name.
  • Use the Choose File button to upload a PDF or .Doc Word file for your SOG/SOP. This is the most common way to add SOGs/SOPs into the Academy, and your document will be embedded directly onto the SOG/SOP page that your Members go to in order to review the SOG/SOP. From that page, they'll be able to review the Policy directly on the page, download the file, or print out the SOG/SOP.
  • Use the Description field if you'd like to add a SOG/SOP that's purely text, or if you want to add searchable text to your SOG/SOP. This is optional, and any text added will appear above any documents you upload.
  • The Add Quiz/Test button allows you to create quiz questions that appear after a Member of your Organization has reviewed the SOG/SOP, to test them on their mastery of the information. Use the Minimum score to pass test field to set a minimum percentage (0 to 100) that your Members need to achieve to earn credit for reviewing the SOG/SOP.
  • Alternately (or concurrently), you can use the Electronic signature required checkbox to add a simple acknowledgement message after the Policy, acting as a digital signature in your records that indicates your Organization's Members have testified they've completely reviewed the SOG/SOP.

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