How to Create an Assignment

Assignment Manager 

Assignments manager in EMS Jane works a little differently from Academy platform. On EMS Jane platform, everything is broken out by Courses. Each assignment only has one single course. 

However, on our Academy platform, assignments are broken out by Assignment Names. You can consolidate multiple courses with the same Due Date and students assigned into a single Assignment in Academy, rather than create several Assignments for each individual Course.

To create a new assignment on our Academy platform,
  1. Go to Admin > Assignments

  2. ​Use the New Assignment button to create a new training Assignment.

  3. Step 1: Choose Assignment Criteria
    Give your Assignment a name and click on the Courses and Policies in the tables below to add required training materials to your Assignment. When you're done adding Courses and Policies to your Assignment, click the "Next" button.

  4. Step 2: Select Deadline (Optional)
    On the "Step 2: Deadline" page, you can specify a Start and Due date for the Assignment. Your personnel will not see the Assignment until the Start date passes, and Assignments not completed by the time the Due date passes will be marked as "Past Due". You'll set up notifications for important dates like this in Step 4.

    If you've chosen a Start date and Due date, click "Next" to proceed. Otherwise, you can click the "Skip" button to simply create an Assignment with no specific Start date or Due date.
  5. ​Step 3: Choose Personnel
    On the "Step 3: Personnel" page, you can find and add personnel to your Assignment. Simply click on the person's name to add them to the Assignment.

  6. Step 4: Email Notifications (Optional)
    On the "Step 4: Notifications" page, you can designate which email alerts the Academy system will send to the Assigned personnel.

    "New Assignment" will send a notification to Assigned personnel on the "Start date" you specified in step 2. If you didn't select a "Start date" but check the "New Assignment" checkbox, this alert will be sent immediately to the Assigned personnel when you click "Save and exit" or "Next". You can also use the "Skip" button if you don't want our system to send automatic email notifications.

    Keep in mind that personnel will also be able to see notifications when they log into the academy, in the upper-right corner of the page near their user name. If personnel report having trouble receiving email alerts due to firewalls or spam filters, they may want to regularly log in to check notifications there.

  7. Step 5: Email Notifications (Optional)
    If you checked the "I want to send a Custom Message" checkbox in Step 4, you'll be taken to Step 5, where you can specify a custom email notification to be send to your personnel. The message is prepopulated with a default message, but you can edit the Subject and Message, and also choose which recipients you want to get the notification.

    When you click "Next" or "Save and exit", the Academy system will send your email notification to the personnel listed in "Recipients". This is a useful way to send reminder emails to personnel for things like incomplete assignments.

Your assignment has been successfully created and assigned. You can review the details of the assignment below and choose to edit the assignment, create another assignment or go back to the Assignment Manager.

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