How to Create Custom Groups

Custom Groups in EMS Jane can be used for several functions, including assigning groups to subsets of Members, adding license templates, pulling reports, etc. In that sense, they're similar to Academy Groups which can be used for similar functions.

To create a Group in our new system, go to the Admin Panel and select the Groups tab.

If you already have existing Groups, they will appear on this page for you to edit or delete. You can also create a new Group by selecting the "Add group" button.

After clicking the "Add group" button, you'll be taken to a page where you can create a Name and Description for your Group. Click "Add" when you've finished adding a Name and Description.

At this point, your new Group is saved and you'll notice on the bottom of the page there is an area where you can add Members of your Organization to the Group you just created.

Simply type the name or email address of the Member(s) you want to add to the Group, select them from the dropdown list, then use the "Add" button to assign them to the Group.

When you're done adding Members to your Group, you can go back to the Groups page to see it listed under your Organization's Groups list. 

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