How to Create Credentials/Licenses

The credential manager and Licenses manager features on EMS Jane are similar to the credential feature on our Academy platform. Both platforms allow Organizations to track each person's Credentials/Licenses.

As you can see, on the former EMS Jane system, the credential table is broken out by Students. Click on Student's name, you would see each of the student's credentials. And the Licenses Manager is a separate tool in the former system. In the new Academy platform, we were able to combine those two features into one tool: Admin Credentials Manager. 

To access the feature on our new Academy platform, go to Admin > Credentials 
  1. Click the "Templates" tab

  2. If template already exists, click "Edit", then click "Assign to Members", then assign it to the student. Make sure the template doesn't contain a date that conflicts with their period of validity. If it does, those fields should be empty so the student can enter their own dates. 

  3. If the template doesn't already exist, click the "New Credential Template" button on templates page. Remember, if other students are also probably going to have this credential but have different validity dates, you may want to leave those fields blank. 

  4.   Click the Assign to members tab and assign to the appropriate student

  5. Click the "Save" button

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