How to Create Custom Courses

The Custom Course Manager tool on former EMS Jane works differently from the tool on Academy platform. 


To get started with creating your Custom Course on Academy, check out the walkthrough steps below:

Set Up the Basic Course Settings
  1. Go to the "Admin" menu item and click the "Custom Courses Tool" link that appears in the drop-down list
  2. Click the  button on the right side
  3. In the "Course Name" field, enter the name of your Custom Course
  4. In the "Template" drop-down list, select a template from the drop-down list
  5. You can upload a custom thumbnail for your Custom Course by clicking the "Choose File" button under "Thumbnail"
  6. In the "Course Description" field, type in the introduction of the course -- this preview text will appear on pages where the course is listed
  7. If you'd like to upload a Custom Lesson Plan, you can click the "Choose File" button under "Custom Lesson Plan" to customize your lesson plan.
  8. Check the  checkbox if you'd like to publish the course right away -- you can always check this later via the Course Settings page if you want to spend time perfecting your course first
  9. Check the  checkbox if you'd like to make the policy course appear in the featured courses section of your Organization's home page
  10. As the Admin, you must type in the course minutes in the "Duration" field, so that the Users can get course credit once they complete the Course. If you don't want the Users to get credit for the Course, please type "0" for 0 minutes.

    Credit Hours and Training Hours on EMS Jane seem to pretty much always be the same, which correspond to the Duration field in Academy. 

  11. To add this course to Topic(s), please pick Topic(s) from the Topics drop-down list. If you want to create a new Topic, you can go to the Admin menu and click on "Topic Manager" to add a new Custom Topic for your department
  12. You can add course-wide related resources for the policy course by clicking the  button. These resources appear below the content area of each module page.
    • In the “Resource Title” field, type the resource name. This will be the text part of the link
    • In the “Resource Link” field, paste or type the resource link you’d like the users to visit
    • You can click the "Delete" button to delete an existing related resource
    • Or you can continue to add more resources by clicking the "Add Course-Wide Related Resources" button down below
  13. Click “Save” to save the new Custom Course. You will be automatically directed to the first module detail page where you can start adding and editing the contents/documents/quizzes of your course.

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