How to Export a Report of Members who didn’t Complete an Assignment

Many of our Admin customers have been asking us for a report of Users who have not completed a specific Assignment. They want to see who didn’t finish the Assignment, generate a list of these Members, and then find these Users in person so they can remind them to complete the Assignment.

As a result, we’re happy to announce we’ve updated the Admin Assignments Tool to allow Admins to easily download a status report of all Members Assignment. In the new report export, an Admin can see the Member name(s) and complete/incomplete statuses for each Course assigned in the assignment, making it easy to identify exactly which part of the Assignment still needs to be completed.

Follow the steps below to generate your first Report for Members who didn’t complete an Assignment:

  1. In the main navigation menu, go to Admin > Assignments
  2. Click the “Download” icon displayed on the right side of each assignment to generate the report file, as shown below

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