How can I see my training progress towards credential requirements?

When Admins create a credential for you, you might want to track your training progress towards fulfilling the credential requirements. The My Credentials tool allows you to check requirement details and training progress, so you can know how much training is required, how much training you've completed, and how much training remains to achieve completion status.  

To check your training progress, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your account

  2. Go to the My Dashboard menu item and click the "Credentials" link that appears in the drop-down list

  3. On the Credentials listing page, you can check the overall progress for each credential under the Progress column.

  4. Click on the Credential Name to go to the credential detail page. 

  5. On the credential detail page, click the "Training Progress" Tab to check the details. On this page, you will see the detailed progress for each Training Category, such as Required Hours, Earned Training Hours, and Remaining Hours towards credential completion. When category requirements are fully satisfied, the category name changes to a green color indicating completion. 

  6. Click the "Reset Course Progress" tab if you ever want to reset the training progress. For example, if you completed some courses prior to the date range required by the credential, you can reset their completion status here.

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